Luiza Borac performs Valentin Gheorghiu Piano Concerto at Bucharest Athenaeum

On the 18th and 19th May 2023, Luiza Borac performed Valentin Gheorghiu’s Piano Concerto at the Bucharest Athenaeum.

“The acclaimed pianist Luiza Borac fully displayed her talent and mastery in each section of Valentin Gheorghiu Piano Concerto: with a special elegance and an unexpected refinement to mark the metrical changes and the attractive rhythmical diversity in the 1st mvt, but also evident sensibility creating atmosphere in the 2nd part, touching the sublime; then with a remarkable force of expression and vitality, the pianist Luiza Borac also shined in the tumultuous 3rd mvt Presto selvaggiamente…“ Actualitatea Muzicala

“Luiza Borac gave a brilliant virtuosic interpretation of Valentin Gheorghiu Piano Concerto” Adevarul